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Humans must become fair its responsibility for the animal as friend in special way, because only by the Domistikation he brought the dogs into their current dependence on human welfare service. "nobody may an animal without reasonable reason pain, suffering or damage supplies" ( 1 Tierschutzgesetz TschG). After 2 TschG must nourish that, which holds an animal, cared for or to care for has, the animal of his kind according to appropriately to his needs, maintain and behavior-fairly more unterbringen.He may not the possibility of the animal for typical movement not in such a way limit that pain, or avoidable suffering or damage are caused to it. After 3 TschG is among other things forbidden it - abzuverlangen an animal except in emergencies achievements, to which it was not up to because of its condition obviously or which exceed obviously its forces; - in the house to suspend enterprise or otherwise in Obhut of humans animal held or leave it, in order to get rid of of its; - to train or train an animal, if with it substantial pain, suffering or damage for the animal are connected; - to straighten or examine an animal at another living animal for sharpness; - to rush an animal on another animal, as far as the principles of waidgerechter hunt practice do not require this. 
Fundamentials to handling dogs
- Each animal shows its kind appropriate behavior, in order to use (satisfaction of requirements) and damage to avoid materials, attractions and structures of its environment.The humans must guarantee that can succeed to the dog in its Obhut satisfaction of requirements and damage avoidance.  This meant that she on living together with partners dependent sind.In the measure, in which the dog misses the social contact with kind comrades must humans its partner become, i.e. that it must be possible the dog to socialize itself equally with kind comrades and humans. Dogs need to look for a hierarchical arrangement of their community they from genetic assessment your place in this order who dogs hold, must this order offer, without the dominating rank of humans with hardness and force is too demonstrieren.Still with "enslavement" still with "humanizing" the dog served. Humans as "social partner" and the social contact to other dogs are necessarily for the kind-typical development dogs must be able to cover their need at social contacts. Goals of the education, training and the use of dogs may be only such achievements as well as courses of motion and behavior, which are put on in the animal species as well as in the individual in each case animals from your nature. Only if bodies and behavior of the dogs for the achievements desired are suitable, the goal can be achieved. It lies in the responsibility of humans, suitability and borders of the dog too is race-specific characteristics to be considered.
- attitude
Dog attitude meant, dogs also under conditions of an industrial company and would kind-in accordance with-eat behavior-fair living conditions and movement free space to ensuring dog is run animals, those daily movement need-needing those attitude in the family and/or in close contact to the reference persons sufficiently becomes best fair the requirements of the dog to its environment. Other attitudes, as constant kennel attitude to reject constant binding or long-term stay alone in the dwelling are.
Excerpt from the "puppy passport"; Association for German shepherd dogs sports association e.V.

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