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Zwinger von Pinus

Ten requests of a dog at its humans         

1. My life lasts ten to fifteen years. Each separation from you will mean a suffering for me. Consider it, before you purchase me.

2. Give me time to understand, what you require of me.

3. Plant confidence into me - I live on it. Insults with me be never enough and do not lock up yourself to the punishment not.

4. You have your work, your pleasure, your friends - I have only you.

5. Speak sometimes with me if I your words do not understand, so nevertheless the voice, which contacts me.

6. Knows: How always at me one acts - I never forget it!!

7. It considers before you strike me that my teeth with ease are able to crush the bones of your hand that I make however no use of it.

8. Before you scold or putridly, consider me indignantly with the work: Perhaps me unsuitable fodder troubles, perhaps was suspended I to for a long time the sun or has a used up heart.

9. Care you for me, if I become old - also you will be once old.

10. Go to each heavy course with me. Everything is easier for me by you!!

That me the dog the dearest is - you say - oh humans - is sin......

The dog does not remain for me in the storm faithfully

- humans.... times in hoist.......

Dog people..........

- are a special race, which is recognized neither by the VDH nor of the FCI.

- believe, everyone has dog baskets in the living room

- have a unaufgeraeumtes house - however your kennels are super+clean

- have always a catalog at hand

- have children, who know more about "bees and blooms", as some adults into the 40ern

- drive combinations, Vans or living mobile, which are absolutely dog-fairly equipped - can never reach one on weekend, because they constantly hang around on dog exhibitions

- drive thousands of kilometers - enormous amounts at Spritgeld give out - pay much money for overnight accomodation and food supply around a cup for 20, - to win

- have juicy green gardens, without only one euro on fertilizers to have spent

- rise in the middle at the night, in order to be punctual in the ring

- however never create it, punctually and out-slept to the work to come.........

- sell your expensive house in the best city area, in order to pull into an old house in the country

- miss no deadline, but pay in principle your rent too late

- telephone for hours with your "dog friends" in a language, which normal humans do not understand

- have parents, who believe, it would have completely the understanding lost........


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